The Pittsburgh Historical Music Society endeavors to bring a vibrant historical music experience to life, transporting our audiences into the past. We join music and history within our various ensembles: The PHMS Baroque Orchestra, The Wayward Companions, Genteel Society, & Celtic Spirit. The musicians dress in historical attire to recreate a sense of returning to days of old in an immersive way.

The PHMS Baroque Orchestra evokes the music and elegance of the parlors and courts of the baroque period in a vibrant and engaging manner.

The Wayward Companions will take you on a journey back to the taverns, emcampments, and gatherings of the past with popular music of the 17th through the 19th centuries.

Genteel Society strikes the chord to enliven the feet of English Country Dancers at Balls, formal and informal, throughout the area.

Celtic Spirit is a harp and vocal duo which plays airs and ancient ballads evoking the mystical within historic music.

We would be delighted for you to attend our ongoing events throughout the year!

Upcoming Events

April 19th & 20th 2024
The Sixth Annual Candlelight Concert at the Depreciation Lands Museum
with the PHMS Baroque Orchestra.

Amiable greetings to dear friends old and new. The Pittsburgh Historical Music Society invites you to step back in time and gather with the PHMS Baroque Orchestra to celebrate an 18th century style evening filled with sweet music & soft candlelight!

The ambiance of the Historic Depreciation Lands Museum will add to the general pleasure of the evening. Partake of beverages, savories & sweets while we entertain you as in days of olde in the Deacon’s Tavern.

Advance registration for this family friendly event is required and seating is limited to 30 guests per concert. The all-inclusive price is $35.00 per person & early registration is encouraged.

The Pittsburgh Historical Music Society is conducted by Mr. William Lockard.
As always, period attire is most welcome but not at all required.
Please reserve your place by registering at the Eventbrite links below:

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Friday April 19th, 2024 7:00p.m.

Saturday April 20th, 2024 7:00p.m.

We would be glad to answer any questions or provide information regarding our upcoming events, or if you would like to have any of the ensembles play at an event, please contact us at